Daren Dhoray

Daren Dhoray

Managing Consultant - Digital Strategist

Daren Dhoray functions in the capacity of Digital Strategist at ACESAS. He brings to the team over 15 years of experience in the area of Internet related technologies. Daren is a technology, business and academic professional with hands-on experience in working on million-dollar IT projects. He has a strong record of success in managing large online projects both locally and regionally. He has demonstrated his ability to use IT solutions to solve tertiary level academic and administrative related issues while managing costs and risks. His core expertise lies in the areas of IT Project Management, Social Media Strategy, e-Commerce Strategy Development, IT Governance and IT Policy Development with influence from the ITIL Framework.

Industry experience range from academic, oil and gas, government and local SMEs. International experience includes financial, software development, gift and floral and agricultural distribution.

Skills and expertise include IoT design and Integration, Website Design and Development, Training, Social Media Strategist, Online Reputation Management, Content Writing, Educational Technology Consultation, Cyber Safety Education Awareness and Governance and Policy Development.

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